What to Expect from the 2021 NBA Playoffs

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The NBA Finals in 2020 surprised fans with a new team known as the Miami Heat, maybe we can expect this to happen again. Now the first round of the NBA playoffs has begun and it already feels like an exciting year for the NBA. Here we have a look at what to expect from the NBA playoffs this year.

With LeBron James, there is a lot that might happen and a lot that might not. He suffered one of the worst injuries in his career in 2020 against the Atlanta Hawks when he sprained his right ankle. He spent six weeks away from basketball only for it to happen again in a game against the Lakers.

He still seems unbeatable and not possible to defend, so this looks good for his team as he’s still a great shooter.

The Clippers are another mystery when it comes to the 2021 NBA playoffs. In their 51-season history, they have never managed to get to the Conference finals. When Kawhi Leonard and Paul George joined the team, fans thought things would change. They are a team that is built to win. Let’s keep hope for them to prove this in this year’s playoffs.

Another expectation for the latest playoffs surrounds Anthony Davis and why he is not shooting as well as we know he is capable of. He was an incredible shooter in last year’s run to the champions for the Lakers. He played a great game with masterful defense. Throughout the Lakers’ title run, he seemed at the top of his game with challenging shots and deterring drives.

These are just some of the highlights of what we expect to see through the 2021 NBA playoffs. Only time will tell what will happen with these expectations and how things will turn out. Visit our blog frequently to read more articles on the subject and how these expectations will turn out. Visit nbadunks.org for more articles.